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Blog Move

For awhile now I’ve been thinking of moving my blog hosting to a different platform. At time of writing, it’s running on WordPress in Azure on a small app service plan. It’s been fine, but there are things to improve.

Architecture overkill

Having a WordPress app running off a MySQL database is just overkill for my blog site. That combination has worked fine for me, and continues to work fine for millions. WordPress offers some conveniences like tags, themes, and tons of plugins, but nothing I couldn’t replicate with a static site generator. And I have WordPress comments disabled because they have been 99.99% spam. I could always host Discus comments on the static generated site if I really wanted to.

Selecting a New Platform

My requirements for the new blogging platform:

After looking at different options I have settled on GitHub Pages. The following is a checklist I’m using to manage the process.

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