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Personal Brand

Personal Brand. Just typing the word out feels a bit… I don’t know, pompous? Self-important? Narcissistic? I almost want to barf.

Those descriptions feel a bit strong, but I’m the type of person does not prefer a lot of attention. So, why am I posting about personal brands (barf)?

Because, and this is the important part, your brand is being defined with or without your input. This point was driven home while listening to a recent .Net Rocks podcast #1127 Working on Your Personal Brand with Eileen Fisher.

Eileen (@eileenfisher201) gives some great tips throughout the show. As more of our lives are online, you are building a profile that will be evaluated professionally. It is in your best interests to help shape that perception, that brand, being formed.

Rather than recap it here, I encourage everyone to listen to the show and start implementing her advice.

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