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Get Up & Code

Recently I started listening to the back catalog of Get Up & Code podcast with John Sonmez (blog @jsonmez and Iris Classon (blog @IrisClasson). Their target audience is anyone trying to work fitness into their life, especially coders. I’m trying to work a simple fitness routine into my life and they provide lots of motivational conversation. I recommend giving them a listen.

In Episode 12: Get Your Mind Fit , Iris made a comment that stopped me in my tracks: (paraphrasing) Being hard on yourself can be very negative. If you beat yourself up every time you fail, then your brain will start to protect itself and come up with excuses not to even try.

This really struck home with me. I have always been hard on myself when I screwed up, but had never even considered I was actually de-motivating myself from trying the next thing. I feel like someone just threw a glass of cold water in my face, but in a good way. ;)

It’s time to stop being my harshest critic and become my biggest supporter. Going forward, all self-criticism will be of the constructive variety.

27 May 2014 Permalink