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T-SQL Tuesday #47: Your Best SQL Server Swag

T-SQL Tuesday

Sometimes blog posts write themselves, with the words flowing from brain to fingers, the keyboard taps generating the background soundtrack of thoughts coalescing into ideas, constructing beautiful prose that contributes to the art, culture, and knowledge of human history.

This isn’t one of those posts ;)

So, T-SQL is again upon us, to taunt inspire would-be bloggers like myself to set the bar to at least one-post-a-month (which is apparently easier than it sounds). Click the logo to see the topic and all the entries.

Star Trek pin

OK, let’s get to it. Best SQL Server swag? I’m going to define swag as freebies that everyone gets. So that eliminates the SQL Saturday where in the same raffle I won an iPod touch and a copy of SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition! I probably used up a lifetime of luck in that day.

So, best swag I have is the cool Star Trek-themed SQL Saturday #220 pin I got earlier this year. I think the design and final product turned out great. Nice job to the event coordinators.

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