Hello World

Welcome!, or “Hello World!”, if you will. My first post is more for me, just to get the blog going. It’s the dreaded self-referential, meta-topic “Why am I blogging?” post. Regardless, it should be brief and painless. So, with that in mind I give you topic numero uno: Why am I blogging?


To improve my writing skills
That’s pretty simple. One way to improve at anything is to do it. And in this connected age, clear communication is becoming more important than ever.
To promote myself
In particular, I am promoting my career. That’s not to say I am unhappy at my current job; quite the opposite actually. But, in the past two years, I started living by the motto: Never stop preparing for your next job. That job could be with the same company even. But standing still is falling behind. I will likely expand on this topic in future posts.
To share knowledge
I have benefitted from so many sharing their knowledge that I feel like I need to pay-it-forward to anyone who may benefit.
A place for me to save things for future reference
My memory is limited resource. As I’m cramming something like “Partitioning tips for SSAS” into one part of my brain, the other side of my brain just forgot my dog’s name. Likewise, if I have learn (or re-learn) a useful tip on something, I need to put it somewhere searchable so I can find it again.

So, this all sounds great. What are the challenges, you ask?


My nature is to not seek attention
Yes, this is a tricky one. I’m using a blog to promote myself, yet I really don’t seek attention. Seems contradictory, doesn’t it? Well, the answer is, I’m using the blog to promote myself despite me not wanting the spotlight. The only way to personal growth is to get out of your comfort zone.
The Internet can be mean
I have seen people far more respected then me getting blasted for things they write. As depressing as it is, I believe that is just par for the course. You need a thick skin top put your name on something for the whole world to see. I believe one needs to be able to distinguish criticism (which can be constructive) from attacks with their own agenda. This is probably easier said than done.
Being redundant, or worse, boring!
I think every topic under the Sun has been covered by someone, somewhere. How in the world am I going to add anything original to something that has probably been covered umpteen times? I assume book authors, especially non-fiction, must face this same quandary. My plan is to pick topics that are interesting to me and add my own voice. For me personally, when I’m learning a topic, I internalize the material and put it into terms that match up better with how my brain works. As for being boring, well, I got nothing. Perhaps I’ll sprinkle pictures of kittens throughout my blog.

picture of a kitten

Hello World